Domain Drop Catching Software

Domain Catcher is a software that can auto register domain when it becomes available. This domain grabber tool uses domain registration api from several registrars to snap domain in a short time after it is dropped, which is called domain drop-catching. It is difficult to manually dropcatch domain because there are many competitors there who want to acquire the valuable expired domain names. Domain snap script/tool tries to register the expired domain name repeatedly until success.

Some registrars such as snapnames and namejet provide backorder service to auto register domain expired. But the price is usually high. Our domain catch software obtains domain name with the normal registration fee only. Although Domain Catcher cannot beat those backorder service in the drop catching game, it can still snap many valuable domain names for you.

Domain Catcher is very easy to use. Basically, before the dropping time, you plug in the expired domain names(you can get the expired domain list from many places or use our service to find the best expired domains), select the registrars, click the start button, and that is all. When run the first time, you need to do some settings such as inputting the NameSilo/Dynadot API Key and the Fabulous account information. Those information can be got after you register and login the website of NameSilo/Dynadot/Fabulous(don't forget to deposit enough fund in your registrar's account to cover the registration fee before you use Domain Catcher to register domain names). Domain Catcher has some useful features. You can specify the time to begin to drop catch and you can set it to automatically stop the drop catching after some time and shut down your computer.

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Domain Catcher

The Seriral Number will be delivered to your email in 1 or 2 days after purchase. Do not order if you cannot wait! If you do not receive the SN after 2 days, email to us: download domain catcher

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Your website looks ugly and your app looks even more awful, does your app still work?

Yes, as long as this website is live, Domain Catcher is working. Sorry not please your eyes.

I have upgraded my computer hardware, can I continue to use Domain Catcher?

No, you can not. The license(SN) is bound to computer hardware. The licence does not work on other computers or after your hardware is upgraded. You need to buy a new license if you want to continue to use Domain Catcher.

After I purchase Domain Catcher, why do not I download anything?

The SN will be generated manually and sent to your email in 1-2 days. We may automate the process in future. But you need to wait for some time at the moment. If you can not wait, do not purchase! The software itself can be downloaded on this web page.

How fast is your app? What is the sccess rate?

This is determined by registrars, not Domain Catcher. In fact, if you ever have these questions, I do not sugguest you to buy Domain Catcher because you may be dissapointed. Instead, you need to use premium domain backorder services like snapnames and namejet if success rate is your major concerns.

How to get a NameSilo API key?

  1. Login to your NameSilo account, then click the "API Manager" menu item on the "Account Options" column.

    apply namesilo api key - step 1
  2. On the API Manager page, tick the "Submitting this form constitutes your acceptance of our API terms of use" check boxes, then click the "Generate" button.

    apply namesilo api key - step 2
  3. The system will generate an API key for you. Copy it into the Settings window of Domain Catcher.

    apply namesilo api key - step 3

How to get a Dynadot API key?

  1. Login to your Dynadot account, then click the "API" menu item on the "Tools" pull-down menu.

    apply dynadot api key - step 1
  2. On the Dynadot API page, click the "unlock your account" link to unlock the account.

    apply dynadot api key - step 2
  3. Input your login password and click the "Get Key" button, the system will generate an API key for you. Note that you must input the ip address of the computer that Domain Catcher is running on to one of the "IP Addresses" box on this page and click the "Set IP Addresses" button. If you do not specify the IP address, Domain Catcher is unable to access Dynadot to register domain names. You can visit to get your ip address. You can also get your IP on the "Recent Login IPs" column of Dynadot client area.

    apply dynadot api key - step 3

How to get Fabulous User/Password?

Fabulous does not use an API key to access your account like NameSilo/Dynadot. Instead it uses login information to control account access for applications, so just input the user name/password of your Fabulous account on the Setting window of Domain Catcher.

Background of domain drop-catching

Expired domain is a general term representing those domain names beyond their registration range. If you register a domain for one year today, it will expired after 365 days if you do not renew it. However it does not mean somebody else can register it immediately after 365 days. An expired domain name goes through a complex process before it can be registered again. The process takes about 90 days, in which the owner can renew and take control of it again. The last stage of the process is called pending-delete stage, which means the domain will be dropped soon. When the pending-delete stage ends, the domain is available for anyone to register, and the domain is now called a deleted(dropped) domain. However a deleted(dropped) domain is of little value because if it has great value, it will most likely be registered before(or at) its dropped time. Now you may be realized that the important time point is the moment the domain is dropped. Before that time, nobody(except the original owner) can register the domain, and after that time if it is still not registered, it tends to be a useless domain name. At the dropping time of a great domain, many domainers all over the world are attempting to register it, which is called the drop-catching game. The drop-catching game usually lasts for just a few seconds. The period is so short and the competition is so high that you have little odds to catch the domain manually. To cater for the needs of drop-catching domains, some registrars(companies) provide backorder service. You can backorder domain names before its dropping time with a relatively higher price(compared to the normal registration fee) and the registrar/company is responsible for drop-catching for you. The drawback of using backorder service is not only the high backorder fee but also the usually more expensive bid fee if multiple persons backordered the same domain. If you have the experience of backorder and bidding, you may know the hidden tricks and traps in this game. So we recommend you to use our Domain Catcher to catch domains that are not very competitive.

How to find expired domains?

There are many places to get the expired domain list, some are free while others are paid services. is probably the best place to get the expired domain list, and it is free. You can register or not register to find expired domains on And sometimes it seems more convenient to search the expired domains while not login to your account because as a guest visitor you can only get the to-be-dropped domains within the most recent two days, which is usually enough and you will not be distracted by too many domains in the search result. To use with Domain Catcher, you should focus on "Expired Domain Names" instead of "Dropped Domains" as dropped domains can be registered manually in no hurry. provides many filters for searching the expiring domains. Your objective is to find the ones you want and insert them into Domain Catcher before the dropping time.

What is the exact drop time of a domain?

The official exact drop time of a domain is not clear. Usually .com/.net domains are dropped from 11am PST(12am PDT/2pm EST/3pm EDT/7pm UTC/3am BeiJing) to 2pm PST(3pm PDT/5pm EST/6pm EDT/10pm UTC/6am beijing). .org domain is dropped between 6:30am PST(7:30am PDT/9:30am EST/10:30am EDT/2:30pm UTC/10:30pm Beijing) to 7:30am PST(8:30am PDT/10:30am EST/11:30am EDT/3:30pm UTC/11:30pm Beijing). Dynadot will begin to drop-catch .com and .net domain at 10:45am PST(11:45 am PDT/1:45pm EST/2:45pm EDT/6:45pm UTC/2:45am Beijing), .org domain at 5:00am PST(6:00am PDT/8:00am EST/9:00am EDT/1:00pm UTC/9:00pm Beijing). NameSilo allows API drop-catching between 10:45am PT(11:45 am PDT/1:45pm EST/2:45pm EDT/6:45pm UTC/2:45am Beijing) and 12:15pm PT(13:15pm PDT/15:15pm EST/16:15 EDT/20:15pm UTC/04:15am Beijing). Be sure to run Domain Catcher earlier not to regret to miss a domain.

Can Domain Catcher catch .xx tld?

Domain Catcher uses API of respective registrars. Consult your registrar for what tlds it supports.