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When I heard about expired domain and its SEO value years ago for the first time, I thought I have finally found a gold mine. I headed to expireddomains.net to find premium expired domains. expireddomains.net has a large expired domain list, and also has many filters for you to pick out the best expired domains. I used the page rank filter, and I used many other seo filters. The more filters I used, the fewer domains are left, and the more confident I have with the result. In the end, I got my "precious" domain name. I backordered it and successfully acquired it. I was so happy to imagine the endless passive incomings.

Guess what? In the whole following year, the domain did not bring me a single penny. My 69$ just went down to the drain. This domain was proved to be a spammy domain.

My dear friends, if you are a newbie in the expired domain market like me years ago, it is almost certain the first(few) expired domain you buy is of little value. What you do just makes backorder vendors richer.

So why it is hard to find high quality expired domains?

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Expired Domain Screening Service
Disclaimer: We try our best to find the best expired domain names, but we do not guarantee all the domains we provide are gold mine. You should check them before purchasing and take the risk yourself.